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  • All Stainless Steel Capsule Gauge
All Stainless Steel Capsule GaugeAll Stainless Steel Capsule Gauge

All Stainless Steel Capsule Gauge


MYBF-M Series is a premium capsule gauge designed for use in low pressure measurement on extreme corrosive and severe environment. It is non fillable design and by removing the bezel ring access to zero adjustment with zeroing screw on the front dial in replace of adjustable pointer. It is most popular in use in all industries such as process, mining, machine tools, power plant, steel mills, pulp & paper, water & sewage and petrochemical plants.

Technical Specification
Nominal Size: 63,75,100 and 160 mm
Accuracy Class: Class 1.6, Class 2.5(φ63,75mm)
Ingress Protection: IP 44
Connection Size: G3/8, G1/4, G1/2 or NPT or others
Scale Range: Pressure 0..10 to 0..1000 mbar, *φ63,75mm min range 16 mbar, Vacuum -600 mbar..0, Compound -200..+400 mbar
Tube Element Shape: Capsule type diaphragm tube

Filling: Dry type
Operating Temperature: Ambient temperature -10°..+70℃, Medium temperature 90℃ Max.
Temperature Error: Additional error when pressure element temperature deviates from reference temperature +20℃(+68°F), be ±0.4% / 10℃(50°F) rising or falling
Over Pressure Limit: 130% of Full Scale
Dial Graduation: Black graduation on white for single range, Black and red graduation on white for dual ranges

Design Material
Casing and Bezel Ring: Stainless steel 304
Capsule type: Stainless Steel 316
Connection: Stainless Steel 316
Window: Plain instrument glass
Window gasket: Industrial rubber seal
Pointer: Black painted aluminum
Dial Plate: Aluminum alloy